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The Persuaders

'A boisterous dissection of the forces jellifying our minds'

'Fierce and timely'


The Ethics of Climate Change

'A model of philosophical reasoning about one of the greatest moral challenges any generation has ever faced.'– Peter Singer, Professor of Bioethics, Princeton


The Story of Philosophy

'Clarity, insight and the occasional dash of wit'


The Twenty Greatest Philosophy Books

'Garvey seems to understand more deeply, write better and explain more clearly than anyone else‘ 

The Bloomsbury Companion to Philosophy of Mind

'This is power hitting by some of the top thinkers; they cover all the bases for those in the serious game of philosophy of mind'


The Great Philosophers

'Deals carefully and rationally with the most human of questions, the hardest questions, the questions which matter most'



Why Go Green When It Makes No Difference What You Do?

The Environment, Cambridge University Press

The Moral Use of Mundane Technology

The Philosophy of Science, Cambridge University Press

Covid and Habit Change

We now have one of the best-ever opportunities to change bad habits

Looking At The World As A Whole

Sketch of Mary Midgley, a thinker who turned puncturing scientific pretension into an art form

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