I'm professor and chair of the liberal arts department at the College for Creative Studies

and editor-at-large of The Philosophers' Magazine.


I'm interested in persuasion, climate ethics, and how minds change.

I have a PhD in philosophy from University College London. I've written papers for academic journals and opinion pieces and reviews, mainly for the Guardian, The Times Literary Supplement, Prospect, and the Times Higher Education.


My books are about the history of ideas, philosophy, society, politics, climate change, the mind, and how persuasion operates outside of reason. They've been translated into Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian and Persian.

Right now I'm working on how minds change -- what goes on when you change your own mind, when you convince someone else, and when paradigms shift and everyone suddenly thinks differently. I'm also now revising a new edition of The Ethics of Climate Change.


I've written books on persuasion, climate, society, and the history of ideas



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